When I was working as The Princess, I was right across the street from Jimmy Kimmel Live. I went to see a few shows, which was neat, and went through a few autograph lines behind the building.

Orlando Bloom

What a douchecanoe.

A lot of you might have seen the “superhero” skits on Jimmy Kimmel. Those were all street performers like me. I was asked a couple of times, but never made it on the air. Something about copyrights and promotions, and my character being from Dreamworks while they were owned by Disney. Didn’t matter much to me, honestly, as it wasn’t exactly a dignified gig.


Thought a magazine cover would have been nice.

I also took a lot of smoke breaks behind that theater. It was one of the closest smoking areas that was mostly out of view of the public. I felt very strongly about kids not seeing me in my Fiona costume. I thought it was gross and unprofessional and disappointingly prosaic. So, hourly I’d be pacing that back alley. I hung out with a lot of the guys who worked on the show. I watched Alex Winter (you might recognize him as Bill S. Preston, Esq.) directing skits, listened to several bands doing sound checks, and regularly chatted over coffee with Bobcat Goldthwait. But the nicest person there was Uncle Frank, the security guard.

Uncle Frank

I found out that Uncle Frank died yesterday. He was 77, so he had a good run. I didn’t know him well, but he was always very kind, and always had a joke. He was probably the nicest person I met in all of Hollywood, and he always seemed bewildered that people recognized him. I’m sorry to know he’s gone.  That street needs classy acts like him.


Goodnight, Uncle Frank.

(Short post today, as I will not have access to a proper computer again until tomorrow, and do not have much time to write. Go me, honoring commitments!)