So, this one might get a little wall-of-text-y. Immediately after posting my Questions from a DAYDian post I got more questions from the same anonymous reader. And again, I think it deserves a reply, especially since I know there are plenty of Wankas out there with similar questions. Lucky for you the time change means my toddler fell asleep an hour early and I actually have a little time. If you don’t already know the back-story of Bit of Earth, Tentmoot, Project Elanor and so on, you should probably just skip this post. I’ll get to real posts about them eventually – given how many new readers I have, probably sooner than later. But this post is just a quick and dirty one. I’m just going to answer the questions as best I can and go to bed. I’m only making a post of it so nobody has to go fishing through the comments for it.

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1. Did Andrew steal money from Reading is Fundamental or other charities?

No. No money was stolen from any charity. The Project Elanor event and the showing of Sean Astin’s film The Long and Short Of It and Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers were supposed to result in a donation to Reading is Fundamental. The event was badly run for many reasons, some of which I’m not that sure about. As far as I believed, we had volunteers back out. Given what I know now, I assume that Andrew lied or exaggerated how much work people had volunteered to do. At any rate, we had incompetent amateurs (read: Jordan and I) running a complex project, and it got expensive. Most of the plants were bought, at full retail price, at the last minute, or after the event. It was absurdly expensive, and all the money that was made in tickets to the movie screening went to pay the bills. At said movie, I did announce that we had made $3000, and that proceeds would go to Reading is Fundamental. There were not proceeds. I put in all the money I had at the time too. That is one part that Andrew has been consistently honest about, but considering how many lies he told about everything else I don’t blame people for not believing it.

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It will get multiple posts with the full story. Later.

2. Was TentMoot a scam?

Nope. I know it’s been lost in all the drama, the upset, the wank, the pain and this sudden upwelling of peacemaking and healing, but we were a fan club. Yes, Andrew was using the fanclub to find his victims. But we were still fans. Geeks, who used to debate about Tolkein and squee about movie trailers. We wanted to throw a convention. Andrew made us believe it was possible. Seriously, that’s how he got the reputation of being a con-artist. People remember the way he would just say anything to get them to give him the money. But all the money we got went directly to the convention. And of course the motivation to throw a convention was to meet the actors. That’s part of why people go to fucking conventions. The fact that some of us believed that Andrew was secretly Elijah Wood? Means we were really fucking creepy fans. But that doesn’t make it a scam. The lies Jordan told to try to push everything through on the hope that it was somehow work out fell apart like the house of cards they were.

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Yes, this one too.

3. Was he or you or BitofEarth convicted of any crimes?

No. Andrew was arrested for identity theft, but the charges were subsequently dropped. He spent one night in jail, traveled legally back to California, and then returned to Oregon for his court date, which is when we found out the case had been dropped. Andrew and I were investigated by the Department of Justice regarding Jeanine’s claims of charity fraud. We signed a voluntary agreement that said all over it that it wasn’t an admission of wrongdoing. The charges on it were that we didn’t have written authorization from Reading is Fundamental to use their name on any fundraising events and that we had held a raffle without being a registered charitable organization. I think there was something else too, but I can’t seem to find my copy at the moment. It was something equally minor. The only lasting consequence of the agreement is that I am not allowed to solicit donations for any charity in the state of Oregon. Neither is Andrew. Since BoE was never an “official” organization, there were no charges against it.

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4. Did he stalk or steal from the LotR actors?

No. He read voraciously and lied a lot about his “insider knowledge.” He did attempt to contact a lot of actors, first when we tried to host a convention, and again when he sent out that ridiculous Civil Cease & Desist thing. I don’t really understand how this “stealing from the actors” thing came from. We did end up having three actors from the movie sleeping on our floor for one night, and that was a really miserable, humiliating, awkward experience. We were making regular payments to them for the money they unexpectedly had to spend when the convention (and their hotel rooms and return tickets) were canceled.  I know we paid most of the money back, but after a few months of living in hotel rooms we just couldn’t keep it together.

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5. Did he have a heart condition?

No. Not when we were together and not according to his parents.

6. Is his art a scam?

I can’t answer that question, it’s too vague. When I was with him, he was not selling his art. His talent is pretty well documented in lots of places. Some of his artwork since he’s moved into Harry Potter (during the time he was selling them) are unquestionably either tracings or photomanipulations. He’s good, but he’s not that good. Other artwork I’ve seen is definitely his own work. I’ve seen enough of it (and still have a half-drawer of it) that I know the style. He is lying when he’s claiming they were all done by hand, but on the scale of lies he tells that barely registers. I think it’s dishonest to pass off photomanips as original art in any case. I don’t know if that makes it a “scam” or not. He’s an artistically talented liar; it’s not surprising at all that some of his artwork is also dishonest.


7. Was he running scams in the Harry Potter fandom? (Apart from the backstory/identity he created to Not Be Amy)

Don’t know, but probably no. I believe he’s running the cult there. He’s not a scam artist. He’s a cult leader. He lies to get money on occasion if necessary, but not as a career or to the point where there are “scams.” He’s pretty incompetent at any real-world responsibilities, so a lot of things he’s involved in fall apart. He’s generally more interested in the intense personal relationships, and he’s so grandiose that he fakes a ton of knowledge and thus doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing a lot of the time.

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8. Was he responsible for Brittany Quinn’s murder?

I can’t possibly answer that. I never met Brittany Quinn. I’ve never met or corresponded in any way with anyone involved in the DAYDverse until these last two posts. I don’t know anything about Brittany’s marriage, about Jason Eisenberg, about what was going on in that house that night. I was sickened and horrified when I saw that post on Jeanine’s blog. What I know from here is that Andrew pulled me in when my marriage was falling apart. I know the ways he instigates trouble. The way he is domineering and overly confident when he suggests courses of action, like writing “legal threat” letters. He did that after M and I divorced; Andrew wrote (and I signed) a letter threatening to take M to small claims court if he didn’t pay me the alimony he owed me by some date.


This whole thing makes me so sad. Here are som LOLturtles.

There’s nothing illegal about that; it wasn’t a completely insane thing to do, to threaten to take your ex to court for money he actually owes you. I don’t know the situation with Brittany and Eisenberg, so I cannot possibly say what he was putting in those letters. But yes I definitely think he was behind them, directly or indirectly. It’s such a recurrent pattern; just off of the top of my head I can think of five or six times he came up with some kind of “legal document” or annoying empty threat of legal action. I also know that Andrew made me believe that I had been badly abused as a child (I was not), and managed to very successfully undermine the tail end of my marriage to M. There was obviously something seriously wrong if Eisenberg showed up with that gun. That’s not just an unhappy marriage. So do I think that morally Andrew is responsible for those deaths? Pretty much. I don’t know that Eisenberg wouldn’t have ended up doing something like this if Andrew hadn’t been involved. But the fact is, Andrew was there, and the circumstantial evidence (plus his behavior int he wake of her murder) makes me believe he probably escalated an unstable situation. I actually am surprised it didn’t happen sooner; he leaves such a wake of hurt and anger that it’s not surprising there was violence. The only person responsible for Brittany Quinn’s death is Jason Eisenberg, who pulled the trigger.

9. Is It’s About Power/the Trail of Tears hike a scam?

Not to my knowledge. See above re: scams.

10. Was the Keyse’s immigration fundraising a scam?

Not to my knowledge. It’s very typical behavior for Andrew to overlook important financial details. Like permits. Like immigration paperwork. I just wrote about how he got us stranded on the Canadian border. I assume that it’s a legitimate need, although probably something that could have been avoided with a little bit of foresight.


11. Do you have any knowledge of any scams he is currently trying to perpetrate on the Daydians or knowledge that the Daydverse is part of a scam?

Nope. See above comments on him not being a scam artist but a cult leader.

12. Do you have any knowledge of any other activities he is currently pursuing that are scams? (Again, apart from the “I was never Amy”)

Nope. See above.


13, Has he made any other efforts to affect your life or that of anyone else involved in BoE?

Aside from the PTSD and damaged lives he left behind? No. He cuts his losses and moves on.

14. Is he wanted by the police?

Not to my knowledge.

15. Did he really steal tens of thousands of dollars from Turimel and other BoE people?

No. See the answers above regarding Tentmoot, RiF, etc.


This is taking so much longer than I thought it would.

16. Is his current legal identity fraudulent/do you know if he’s made any steps towards actually transitioning FtM?

He did legally change his name to Andrew Blake while we were in California, and as far as I know his Virginia ID was legal last time I saw it. I don’t know anything beyond that. As for transitioning? That is seriously not anybody’s business. I answered the question about his sexual identity with several reasons why I don’t want to go there and it’s just offensive that you would ask that. I said I’d answer any questions, but the answer to that one is fail.


Serioulsy? No. Come on.

17. Do you like pina coladas?

Not really. They taste like lip balm.

18. Getting caught in the rain?

Yes, but that’s why I live in the Pacific Northwest.

19. Long walks on the beach?

Meh. I grew up on the beach.

20. If he did try to apologize/make amends, is there any form of that which you would accept or which you believe Turimel would accept, and would you both take your stuff off the internet if that happened?

That’s two questions. I won’t speak for Jeanine, so that takes us back down to one. I cannot imagine any way he could apologize or make amends to me or my family. I don’t say never because I don’t know the future, and lots of stuff I never thought could happen have. But it would take a lot. And no, I don’t see that I would take down any of my own work if he did. I don’t expect Jeanine to remove her blog, even though we are making amends. That’s what taking responsibility means; you own your mistakes and live with them. If he was actually making amends, there’s be no reason for me to take it down.

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21. Do you think he believes his own stuff? I mean, that he actually BELIEVES that he is in contact with these other worlds, can channel people, has supernatural abilities, etc.

No, I don’t. I think he uses it to deliberately manipulate. The stories are too carefully planned. I think he gets off on seeing how far he can take it. I think he’s 100% aware of what he’s doing. I just think he overestimates how many people he’s fooling.


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