I’d like to start talking about Project Elanor and the rest of Bit of Earth, but I’m going to invite a little reader participation first. Crazy talk, I know, but there’s so much I have yet to write about that I’m looking for a little guidance from the people who want to read about it most.

Yummy Yucky by Leslie Patricelli, one of E's favorites.

I do my best to encourage reading.

I plan to start with the formation of Bit of Earth, since there are plenty of readers who don’t know what the hell this is all about (and who have probably been a little…confused…by my recent posts). Then Project Elanor, and from there we’ll eventually get to Tentmoot. Since I know lots of information (and misinformation) is out there about these, I’d like to encourage you to comment on this post with your questions.

Riddle me this!

Wait. Wrong fandom. Shit.

If possible, please keep questions direct, not the very broad “Was it all a scam?!” or similar, and please, for the time being, keep questions restricted to the formation of Bit of Earth up through Project Elanor – I will have another “questions” post later. I will do my best to answer all of them (although I may be asking for a deluge here).


Well? What are you waiting for?