I have decided to retire the blog I was keeping for my son. Mainly because I just don’t have time to update it. Baby books exist to make moms feel shitty. This includes online ones. However, that does mean there will occasionally be picturespam here. I can’t resist; the damn kid is so cute.

First trip to Powell's. LOVE.

Favorite things? Cookies and books. That's my boy.

I love seeing the world through E’s eyes. He loves new things and is pretty bold, so taking him to Portland was a great adventure. He stomped all around downtown the first day and then spent the second day at the zoo, which was quite day. He loves pictures of animals and making animal noises, so it didn’t surprise me. But there’s nothing like seeing his wonder firsthand.

And those eyelashes!

Those eyes are magical.

I’ve never been to the zoo in the middle of the week in winter. There are a lot of drawbacks; almost everything is closed, a lot of the animals are curled up indoors and it’s fucking icy on the endless hills I always forget you have to hike at the Oregon Zoo.

Shitty stroller. Eight bucks. Bring your own. FYI.

Which is why you rent a stroller.

Of course, a stroller only gets you so far; I turned to take a picture of a bear and the next thing I know, E was sitting on the ground, laughing. I still am not sure how he got out, because I totally strapped him in.


You cannot contain me, mother.

So on we went, mostly toddling but sometimes riding in the Jungle-Themed Shit-Mobile (or JeTSaM, if you prefer. And I do). The first animal he really noticed was the zebra.

He spent a couple of minutes straight, craning and trying to see.

And when he noticed the zebra, he was AMAZED.

Once he realized there were actual live animals there he got much more interested. The awesome part about going midweek off-season is that there was no one there. There were literally about ten families there – I know because we kept running into each other. This also means that the animals aren’t overstimulated and, if they aren’t too cold, they consistently came right up to us. It was pretty cool for me, as I’ve never seen some of these animals so close. And E seemed pretty impressed too.

After 'while, Crocodile.

Holy shit, Mom, do you see that thing?

Of course I did throw him a curve ball with the lion sculpture garden.

Ooooh. Say it again. Mufasa. Ooooohhhh.


But he decided that was pretty funny.


Oh, I get it now!

The real lions were too far away to impress him. Not so with the cheetahs. They came right up to the window and sat down, and we spent a good five minutes there as E tried to pet them through the glass and called them kitties.

Kitty. Kitty. Kitty.

Kitty. Kitty. Kitty. Kitty. Kitty.

That was pretty exhausting, so we went to the only cafΓ© that was open. The dining area was empty except for two tables – one with a pair of Japanese tourists, the other with a mom about my age reading while her toddler dozed in his stroller. The JeTSaM was way too uncomfortable for that, but I managed to make a nice little nest for him to snooze in. Must have been cozy, because we stayed there an hour and a half. Good thing I had a book.

I eventually woke him up because I was getting bored.


After that hearty snooze he was willing to ride in the JeTSaM for a while. He was definitely interested in the animals again.

He's looking at an ocelot.

O. M. G.

The elephants were off in the corner, but when we came to the viewing area and waved to them, they came right up to us. That was particularly awesome.

They were RIGHT THERE! It was so neat.

They were pretty interested in looking at E...

I tried so hard to get a picture of him looking, but no dice.

But E noticed that there were Christmas lights that he could reach. Fuck you, elephants!

After the elephants he just wanted to run for a little bit. This was another great thing about the zoo being empty; I didn’t have to worry about him getting lost or trampled by the crowd.

It's like post-apocolypse zoo, but we don't have to eat the animals. Wait, am I the only one who was daydreaming about that?

He adored the freedom.

We didn’t have time to see the whole zoo, and that’s just as well because E was starting to get fed up. We decided to only do one more habitat, and we were closest to the polar bears.

I have a ton of pictures of that bear making out with his toy. He didn't give a fuck about us either.

E was tired, but the bear was Right. There.

After that the only thing he cared about was the penguins. They kept swimming up to him and swirling around in big waves. He chased them back and forth a few times and squealed at them a lot.

It was eerily beautiful. And also, hilarious.


After that he was done. DONE. We headed back to the hotel and the wee man slept well that night. But I think he enjoyed the day.

I cannot stop looking at this kid.

Especially that whole running away from Mommy thing. That was COOL.