Due to some technical difficulties on the Tosh.0 blog, people are having trouble seeing my audition. I think it’s because when I log in, it says that the video is still awaiting moderation. In any event, you can find it here and I hope you’ll still go over and try to give it a thumbs up! In the meantime, I’ve uploaded a copy to YouTube. And I’ve checked several times and THAT bitch is working.

An outake of me going all Mary Katherine Gallagher

Duh! Winning!

I really am excited about this. It is the cumulation of weeks of work: researching, writing, filming, and editing. Holy shit, the editing. I’ve been making movies since my freshman year of high school, way back when cell phones were beige bricks and I was in OSSOM (Oregon Student Safety On The Move) doing anti-drug propaganda.

And you get to see my humiliating teenage bedroom too! Is that Patrick Swayze in the frame of my mirror? I think so!

Featuring my screen debut at fourteen, playng a sheltered young girl who has a crush on an older guy. Who was played by a guy I was DYING of crush for. I was very authentic.

In college, I was the station manager at WSTV, Western Oregon University’s unwatched closed-circuit programming, where I had a little X-Files parody called The W Files. It was awkward and cheesy and had less than no budget, but we had fun, and always pushed the limits of the two-VCR-with-mixer-board setup we had to edit with. I haven’t finished uploading the series – I have a few episodes online so far. Eventually I may go all George Lucas on those bitches and clean them up a little. I will get them all online at some point, but converting ancient VHS tapes to digital is a pain in my ass.

Of course we did a Star Trek episode.

It’s been a passion my whole life. I really loved making this video, even if it was stressful and involved a lot of nights where I only got three or four hours sleep. But I think it’s worth it just for the experience of making and editing the audition. I learned so much more about the editing software I have than any tutorial could teach, and even if nothing comes of this audition (as is likely!) I will be using my new Mad Editing Skillz in the future. I am thinking of putting out a few Spoilerific Reviews in video form, and I have plenty of other ideas as well. So here it is, click the picture to see it on YouTube, but don’t forget to stop by Tosh’s blog and try to give it a thumbs up if you like it.

I'll blame the guy I'm trying to impress.

Sorry for all the technical difficulties.