One thing that’s been really nice about being diagnosed with ADHD is that I have strategies and medications to deal with some of the roadblocks my brain throws up. It is giving me an opportunity to work on skills I never thought I could improve.

Escher is a favorite

I have always admired someone who could draw.

I’ve often been frustrated by my absolute inability to draw as well as I’d like. It is frustrating, because I can see what I want to create in my head. I can generally come up with something I’m at least pleased with if it’s in some media. If it’s a costume I can fucking nail it, and if it’s a story, I can fucking tell it. But I have never, despite lessons off an on for my entire life, draw at a level that I’m happy with.

God, I miss Pictionary. Nobody ever wants to play that.

Good enough to get points in Pictionary, but that doesn't get hung in a gallery.

I just figured I’d hit my ceiling on that ability, since classes and practice have never done much to improve my ability. I pretty much stopped trying for a long time. But now that I’m on a proper mix of meds, and now that I have strategies for when I spot a shiny and my brain wanders off, I’m actually trying again. I kind of tricked myself into it. I have a handful of unpainted wooden figures that I got from Mom when we cleaned out her storage unit. I thought I’d let the boy play with some and maybe paint a couple up into something geeky and fun. I didn’t expect that it would be anything but cartoonish.

Ooh. Somebody needs to make one that's Kira from the Dark Crystal

You know, this kind of shit. But like, instead of angels, they're Batman or something.

So I had these vaguely humanoid shapes, some with a hat, some with a dress. I got a few ideas and started doodling…and then I started actually being able to apply things I’ve learned in previous art classes. I started thinking about all the steps in determining proportion. I didn’t skip steps and I took as much time as it took. I started over a lot of times. And I finally drew something I’m proud of. Proud enough to slap it up here anyway. Or rather, them. They’re still works in progress – I want to add some color and am going to decoupage the drawings themselves onto the wooden pieces. So behold, what I’ve been doing instead of blogging!

It was actually the first thing I thought of

The 4th Doctor. Click to enlarge

I don’t actually like the older Dr. Who much, but I loooove his costume. And before you ask: David Tennant. And I prefer Torchwood anyway.

She was the first one I came up with.

Slave Leia. Click to enlarge.

Dude. Star Wars. Obvious. Looks like Leia’s put on a few pounds.

Freddy Krueger. Click to Enlarge

Freddy ended up taking a couple of days. He’s the first one I had a reference photo for, and it shows. I also used a picture of Gerard Zacher, who plays Freddy Krueger on Hollywood Boulevard.