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This is the first painting I’ve ever done that I truly loved. It took more than a year of work, and after several weeks of effort, I now have a professional scan of it. I can order prints – I ordered one as a test and it looks just like the original! I’m so pleased with it.

Starry Night Vale

Remember, if you see something, say nothing. And drink to forget.

I will not sell this print, as I would never profit from the hard work of the folks that make Welcome to Night Vale. But you are free to download and print a copy for yourself, or to use it or share it – just please make sure it is credited to me (with a link to my blog here or to my tumblr).

I have considered doing a limited run of prints and sending them out for the cost of printing and postage ONLY, but I will have to see if there’s enough interest to justify that outlay of time and effort (I’d have to get my paypal going and organize stuff and if I had time for that I’d be blogging a hell of a lot more). If you’re truly interested, you can contact me.