Well. I didn’t expect this. At all. But the Master Sucker has spoken.

I made a custom action figure for Dan Cummins from TimeSuck. He liked it enough that he’s linked to my blog in case I want to make more custom figures.

Mother. Fucker.

I mean, I damn near exploded with happy when he had it onstage at the live podcast

I already had somebody ask if I do commissions and I agreed to make a custom figure for him, so I guess there’s a market for it!Hail Nimrod, guess I have a side job. I sure as shit am not going to turn away from a boost like this (to my ego AND my art) from one of my personal heroes.

So. Anticipating FAQ. All guesswork because I definitely didn’t expect this shout out!

Yes, I can make more Suckmaster figures, but they’ll be dependent on getting the right action figure to start with. If you can supply the doll it’ll be faster and easier. It’s the Sub Mariner from the Marvel Legends collection.

Shipping will be flat rate postal service.

My time is limited, especially in October. I don’t know how long each will take. Depends on what you want.

I don’t have set prices – and it will depend on the base action figure and how much work and how fast you want it.

You can reach me through my contact page.