My history is insanely complex. If you haven’t followed the online scandal for the last decade, a lot of what I’ve written or referenced will be confusing at best. So here is a bit of who’s who and what’s what for the curious. I used to have it alphabetically, but I think that just made it more confusing.

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15 thoughts on “Appendices…”

  1. Hellmouth?? They’re using that term right now? My mind, it boggles. :O

    I took pictures at the Elanor garden about a month ago, on a very nice day. It’s a pretty, peaceful little place. You did good, truly.

    Love the pic of you and little E!

  2. I cannot believe he’s using the term Hellmouth. And if he’s active in the Buffy fandom, especially on Tumblr, I’d know it.LJ, not as much, I can look into it…though why he’d get into a fandom that hasn’t produced any new canon since 2003, when Twilight is there and ripe for the taking, I have no idea.

  3. Thanks for the Cliffs Notes version – it’s especially helpful since I don’t know this particular patois.

    p.s.: srsly cute happy baby you got there 🙂

  4. Hi Abbey

    I checked to see if “What the Hellmouth? (FAQ)” page had been saved by the Wayback Machine and you’re in luck! You should be able to access the original page with photos here:

    I thought this may be of use to you as you said you had the intention of rewriting the page but it appears to have not been updated for a while. If for whatever reason you can’t access the the saved page I can send you the text from it but not the photos.

    Really good to see you blogging again (even if it is for *those* reasons!)

  5. Former Daydian said:

    To go along with the Hellmouth entry, he also used the term “knock” as in “I’m getting a knock from So-and-so” and one of the alters would be portrayed. He also claimed that only someone who had experience with death/purgatory/etc coukd come through (although the definition of that was very, very fluid). In addition to any disabilities an alter may claim to have, he will also go so as to fake allergic reactions and self-harming coping strategies (“alters” have pulled at hair, picked skin, etc).

    • Wow, he really doesn’t change his tricks at all, does he?

      We also used “knock” in the same way. The “rules” about who could come through were plenty fluid – ghosts (of anything), anyone from “the Undying Lands” (the elves had all sorts of sci-fi gadgetry), people who could astrally travel, people who had done a lot of drugs, and ultimately, *anyone,* living or dead, could come through if they had “sufficent willpower”

      Fake allergies too! Because he totally doesn’t repeat these patterns! Like the first time “Elijah” showed up, he smoked an entire pack of cigarettes like a pro…and then when Andy came back, he coughed and vomited and such because Andy didn’t smoke.

      He also, more than once, managed to have dramatic, fairly horrific allergic reactions all across his face and eyes – notably, he did this the first night the Bagenders moved to Los Angeles, but he used it several times, usually to get out of things.

      Most notably, he did it on my thirtieth birthday. From what I can tell, he was rubbing poison ivy (or something similar) on himself. Slept through the whole day from the Benadryl.

      Yes, Andy actually managed to take away my birthday.

      • Former Daydian said:

        Yes, there were quite a few times when there would be swelling of the tongue or red rashes or impeded breathing (which mysteriously disappeared the one time someone picked up the phone to call the paramedics). Yes, isn’t it odd how they occured when there was either something happening where he wasn’t the center of attention, such as your birthday, or when there was something horribly mundane and demeaning for him to do, such as getting a job or cleaning?

        Also, he claims that his alters don’t know what happens in the times between visits (such as if “Joe” came at noon and again at 4:00, “Joe wouldn’t know that you had run out to the store at 2:00 unless you made mention of it), but there were several times when he blew his cover (very minor unless you were looking for it.

    • One Step Beyond said:

      The allergic reactions wouldn’t happen to look anything like these, would they?:

      (A friend of mine was sucked into Andy’s orbit once, years ago, and I’ve been following his… exploits? Machinations? Horrific soap opera plots come to life?… ever since. I really admire you, Abbey, and I’m thrilled that your life has turned out the way it has.)

      • Oddly enough, looks almost exactly the same! The next phase is
        sometimes raw, oozing patches, usually at the temples. We called it “weem” because once I mispoke “weeping” as “weeming”and Andy loves his “in-jokes.”

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