Well, this is unexpected.



I’ve been working on my blog redesign/relaunch for a month and a half. Not coincidentally, since I gained access to daycare. But today when I logged in, I noticed my stats had exploded. So, hello, new readers.

Still kind of surprised I'm a football fan.


The reason I’ve been redesigning the blog is that so much in my life has changed. Naturally, there’s the ever-evolving, breathtaking, babbling boy, who of course is a totally different child than last I updated. But I’ve also lost 75 lbs, made some pretty radical changes to my style (including the hair – consider it my red flag), started studying Cisco networking, and discovered that I’m kind of athletic!

This is from when I hit the 60lb loss mark. I don't actually have current pictures ready to post.

This is from when I hit the 60lb loss mark. I don’t actually have current pictures ready.

And yet I dusted off my (unused) tumblr, since my ex-partner-and-cult-leader has, unsurprisingly, tried to start his mind-games in a new fandom. I don’t really keep up with his activities. Hell, I’ve barely kept up with my friends and family, let alone irrelevant and diffused former abusers. Besides, it’s pretty obvious there’s no reason for me to even keep even the smallest of tabs on him, given the spike in traffic (and the fact that there’s suddenly over 700 hits on A Letter To The DAYDians).

That's Edward's BFF Jack

Why does it work like that?

So yes, Although I did not want to start back up with this track (ugh, so two years ago!) I’m still around.

I mean, you've got to be a little bit curious by now.

I mean, you’ve got to be a tiny bit curious…